I write–all the time. More specifically, and in terms of what I would like you to know, I am a writer of romance novels. Historical. Contemporary. Paranormal. I write under the pen name Celia Ashley (the spicy stuff) and Robin Maderich (sweet to sensual). Writing is my joy and my headache, an undertaking I began in earnest at the age of seven and continue to this day.

I do, however, revere the written word. It is a very powerful tool, the word.  Besides the silly things I might write about for this blog, or the informative, perhaps even instructive, I plan to interview those who write and those who organize the written word for consumption by the public. I will post their responses  here. Novelists, poets, singer/songwriters, publishers, editors, recording engineers–all of these people write or prepare the words for enjoyment by the rest of us. I think they will have additional words (fantastic, interesting and enlightening words) to share with the world, if I can manage the right questions to ask.


PS: By the way, I don’t really drink coffee, despite what the  header might imply. I simply adored the image. Myself, I am a hot chocolate or tea drinker.


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